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U.S. Marshals in LeFlore County

During the 1800's, Indian Territory was Outlaw Territory. Because Native American law did not apply to the white intelopers, crime ran rampant. The only law that existed was that of the military or the U.S. Marshal service. Since the military was generally stationed in one location, they didn't have a

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Welch’s General Store

By 1890, Welch’s store became one of the most visited stores in the area.  Welch’s store was close to 30 feet back from the edge of the present courthouse lawn. It would have sat on the corner of Flener* Avenue and Broadway.After Bud Tate's store was closed, Welch built his

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Bridgman’s Furniture Store

Bridgman’s Furniture was first established along Broadway in 1896.  For over one hundred years, the Bridgman family has remained a solid pillar of Poteau’s success.Robert S. Bridgman moved to Poteau from Hackett, Arkansas in the fall of 1896.  He was 38 years old.  Shortly after arriving, he purchased a moderate

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